Friday, 18 December 2009

At Last I Got What I've Always Wanted...


Hari ini saye nk berbahase Melayu la plak. Slalu asyek English2...penat gak! Hmm...arini ni saye nk bercerite tentang kecintaan saye terhadap kasut Skechers. Asal usul bermulenye cinta ini adalah apabila kakakku yang berade di Irelandia *Ireland* balik ke Malaysia dengan memakai sepasang kasut yang kulihat sgt cantik dan lain daripada ape yang ku selalu lihat manusia Malaysia *yours truly* pakai. Pada mase tu saye tgh gile flip flop so teringin la gak nk cube try test kasut plak...ngeh3~ Dora the Explorer la konon! Memandangkan kaki kakakku yang besar gedabak tu membuatkan saye xleh nk curi kasut Skechers tu, so saye berdetermine utk satu hari nnti bli sepasang kasut Skechers yang saye bleh pakai and bawak jalan2 tanpe perlu isi tissue dlm kasut tu...ngah3!

And after kakak saye memperkenalkan Skechers dlm family, baru la saye perasan wujudnye shoe stores Skechers yang berlambak2 kt KL tu. Kalo x, mmg smpi bile pon xprsn~ So bile saye dh jenguk2 kasut Skechers kesukaan saye tu, tibe2 my father offer nk blikan sepasang *saye xpakse my dad to buy okay!*. So, saye dengan riang ria Ribenanye menerima offer tu and bli kasut Skechers yang pertama. Ia berwarne putih and purple. Mmg heaven gile rase time tu. Keseronokan yang melampau. *tapi xtunjuk la kn, malu la~* Kne cool babe!

Kemudian, setelah bbrp lame memakai kasut tu tambah lagi ngan betape xretinye saye menjage brg berharge saye, akhirnye kasut tu berubah jadi hitam and purple. Putihnye dh ilang entah ke mane. Mencari2 tapi xjumpe. Kasut tu pon dh lembik, layu, xbermaye nk menampung kaki gajahku ini. Kenazakannye bertambah hari demi hari dan akhirnye die menghela nafas terakhir di rak kasut apartment ku di PS. Saye pon menyatakan keinginan utk bli kasut baru sbb nk pakai kasut Skechers gak! ahahaha... Saye rase sgt bersalah sebenarnye nk mintak2 my dad bli kasut Skechers tu sbb mahal. *demanding plak, nk kasut mahal je, ngade!* My parents pon bwk la saye and my sis ke OU untuk bli kasut tu. Saye ternampak kasut yang cantik and die berwarne cream!!! I LIKE!~ Saye bertegas nak kasut tu sbb die nmpk comel sgt! But my dad cm xnk blikan sbb die tau perangai saye yang mmg xreti jage brg. "Jgn smpi jd cm kasut dlu plak, jage elok2, jgn bagi kotor", said my dad. Saye sebenarnye mmg tau akhirnye kasut tu akan end up cm the pair before that but saye nekad nk bli kasut berwarne cream tu.

Setelah setahun lebih memakai kasut cream tu, die gradually bertukar menjadi seperti kasut putih saye yg first tu. Sebabnye adalah kerane die bercalar2 and mmg xleh nk hilgkan la. Time berjalan2 mmg ske "sepak" sume bnde ngan kakiku yang memakai kasut cream tu. Redha je la saye...dh habit. xleh nk ngubah care jalan. Lagipon sape je yang dapat jage kasut sebaik2nye selain Alma? Cerite psl Alma ni, die mmg jage sungguh kasut Skechers die tu. Putih melepak lagi! Xde calar lgsg! Kalo xpakai kasut tu, dibawak masuk bilik. Mmg kagum tul saye! Kalo saye la jadi cm Alma tu *konon je ni*, seminggu je kot bertahan nk buat cmtu. After that, mule la jantung ni mengepam darah2 kemalasan ke seluruh badan saye ni... Okay back to the story, akhir cerite pasal kasut cream tu die end up kt kaki si Aishah Pres sbb kasut die dh melahirkan due ekor buaye...

Crite len plak, saye tgh jalan2 kt TA tu and then mase singgah kedai Sports Planet tu terserempak la ngan kawan lame saye *Skechers* and mate saye trus tertumpu ke sepasang kasut itam yang kelihatan sgt menawan hati. Cair trus hati ni. Rase cm nk ngorat je. ahaha..xde la! Rase cm nk bli trus tapi time tu harge die 500k++, and I thought to myself, berbaloikah? Otak kate x, hati kate sgt berbaloi~ Pastu pikir2, saye membatalkan hasrat utk bli kasut hitam tu..Keciwa sgt ah time tu. Bile lalu je kedai tu msti jenguk2 tgk kasut yang saye xmampu tu. Ye la, my dad xde nk tolong hulurkan duit...ngeh3! Otak bergelige pikir nk bli ke x... Memandangkan Christmas bakal menjelang, so that means sume bnde discount! Kasut hitam tu pon didiscountkn 40%. Saye rase mmg berbaloi bersabar sblm ni. Hargenye yang mule2 500k++ jadi 335k je. Kalo nk bnding ngan kt Malaysia, kire murah la tuh! Puasnye hati ni dpt bli kasut tu even tho mmg nmpk buruk bile dipakai oleh kaki kerepot saye ni. BIAR! BIAR! BIAR!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Queuing~ Episode 2...


Ok...Yesterday, I went to "Dunia Fantasi" or DUFAN for short, with my batchmates. It's like Genting Highlands but A LOT warmer...It's supposed to be very fun and exciting experience for us all but there's one thing that I'm sure not only me but all of us were not happy with. Which was QUEUING...

Actually the idea of queuing didn't really upset everyone if it was for 10 minutes or so. But imagine having to queue for at least an hour for a ride. That's unacceptable! Plus, we picked the wrong day to go coz tons of school girls and boys were there. I think that's the only place for them to enjoy themselves during the holidays in Jakarta. We couldn't blame them. Though, what a letdown! Even though the tickets were half-price...JIMAT!!!!

First of all, I want to say how disappointed I was that the roller coaster ride was closed at the time! That's a MAJOR LETDOWN!!! They were painting the tracks or something like that, so there's no way we're gonna ride that. GRRR!!!

Like I said, most of the rides, we had to wait for at least one hour. So after we're done with the first one, we just queued up for a second one. We didn't know what ride it was at first but since there's a line, we just followed those queuing. I thought it was a short line, but it was otherwise! They tricked us! There, we queued for what it seemed like 2 hours and found out at last that the ride was not at all worth the queuing. And during the ride, I hurt my arm trying to not flatten Qilah the thin girl~ ahahaa...

The queue was extremely long!!!!!!

Then, we went to another ride and there's where Ira and Qilah started to feel dizzy and decided to part ways. They went to the other part of the theme park and Fatin, Alma, Mazni and I went to the "extreme" rides.

After that, the four of us went to Kicir-Kicir coz it seemed so much fun and I think everybody screamed during that ride. It was so extreme! It went up and down, left to right...all over the place!
I LOVE it! Although we had to queue *again!* but it was worthwhile~ I hope I could ride it again..and again...and again...until I throw up~ Then, I'll be satisfied....ahahah

I'm loving this!!!

After that we went for our last ride of the day, or night as you might say. And it's called the TORNADO~ Sounds cool eh? It was pretty cool! Again, we queue and the sky was already dark when we got to ride the Tornado...I could see the dark sky and possible some stars...I'm not really sure coz the Tornado was fast and scary. That, I love too!

I wanted to ride it again but too bad they closed early.
So we had to call it a day and go back home. huhuhuh~ There's so many rides that we wanted to play but so little time...or should we say the queues took most of our time. Darn!

I'm loving this too!

Too bad I couldn't get a picture with me and my friends on it~ huhuhu...It's okay, NEXT TIME...bak kate Alma! ahahaha....

Oh, there's one thing that I was not very please with. Those school girls and boys that didn't have the courtesy to line up! GRRR!!! LINE UP! It's doesn't hurt to queue.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Back in the days when I was a naughty little girl~


The title already explains everything actually...that I'm about to uncover a secret of my childhood I'm not particularly proud of. But it made me laugh once I recalled that memory and only recently that that memory surfaced after I kept it hidden for so long.

It happened when I saw that "snack" (I don't know what it's called..) and I used to love it very much when I was a kid. I haven't eaten it since who-knows-when and last week, I got the chance to actually taste it for the first time after centuries (like I've lived that long~)...ngah3!!! Oh it was just like back then...and I still love it!!! So, what's the secret, you ask? ahaha...

They're the ones on the right...LOVE THEM!!! So delicious and cute~ secret is that I used to eat them on broad daylight during fasting month when there's no one around...Yes, I was a little kid and I couldn't stand not eating that delicious snacks....Just look at them, imagine being a kid, they're totally irresistible! They are too cute!!!! I LIKE~

When there's nobody in the kitchen, I would sneakily open the fridge door and eat them one by one by one even though my mom told me not to. Ahaha...I admit it that I was a naughty girl back then. But that's what makes life interesting. Ah I wish I could go back to those days...very carefree~ And I wish I could eat them again...SOON!

Saturday, 5 December 2009



See, here's my problem. I rented a movie about a week ago and I'm supposed to sent it back on the 30th of November. For every one day late I'll have to pay Rp5k. Now, I'm already 6 days late...and for sure Rp30k will fly away just like that! huhuhuhu..I can buy three days worth of food! GOD!!! plus tgh sengkek ni, baru lepas byr sewa rumah~ I have to go return it as soon as possible!

That's it..ahahaha xde keje~

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Fed Up!!!


Saye dh fed up with all these stupidity!
Please stop them already!

Friday, 4 December 2009

So that's how relief feels like...


Ok...first of all, I want to congratulate to those who passed the philosophy of science test! I'm so proud of you guys~ huhuhuh...

Like I expressed through an entry not too long ago, the subject I just mentioned above was a killer one! I could not understand it at all. Not even after reading and brainstorming (as if!!) several times from cover to cover (tipu..tipu..tipu!!!).

So there I was...sleeping like a baby on my bed when I heard a knock on my door. Then I heard something terrifying, horrific, eerie, bloodcurdling, hair-raising, spine-tingling and mind-bothering phrase. "Result filsafat dah keluar". NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

I got goosebumps and my heart races and pounding like I'd seen a ghost or something. With absolute bravery, I asked my friend to tag along with me and discover the truth whether or not I pass the exam. Before that, I heard that a couple of my friends passed with flying colours. That gave me hope, thinking that I could achieve what they had achieved although I knew I answered like a 5 year-old girl on an algebra question.

Eventually, I looked at the board with the results stamped on it. I searched my name and discovered that I passed. Alhamdulillah~ Though, I'm not proud with what I got. It could have been better but I know my limits. At least I don't have to burn the midnight oil anymore...

Because of that, I figured out how relief feels like~

Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.
~Denis Waitley

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Problem-based Learning is the base of problems in learning~


First of all, I know most of you guys know that the title above is not originally from this head of mine but I 'cilok' from Asri. I just love that statement and I 98% agree with him. Just the right moment when I want to express every kind of feelings I have towards PBL, Asri wrote that entry of his. So, since I'm too busy to think of another phrase for the title of my entry tonight, I'll just take his...ahahaha! Gomen!

There! PBL (Problem-based learning)! The bane of my existence, aside from exams and studying. ahaha... Everytime there's PBL, stress tags along. Whether it's too much to handle or too hard to grasp. Every session, there's always and I mean ALWAYS some things that we couldn't figure out from the scenario given. Somehow they don't really connect with what we're supposed to be learning. I'm not sure that I even know how PBL works even though I've gone through like hundreds(exaggerating~) of them! And discussing didn't help much. I think it made things even difficult to "solve". Man!

I despise this...

I'm living in a world of anger and frustration...what could ever make me happy?

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