Sunday, 15 January 2012

Bukan anda seorang..


Hmmm, I want to write in English today. I just feel like it. The mood is there, so why not..right? Ok, I don't really know what to say but I just feel like writing something.

These past couple of weeks have been very difficult. Day after day after day. Like I said in the previous entry, "Dugaan skrg ni makin kerap dan makin berat. Memerlukan kesabaran dan keteguhan iman". Everything becomes complicated and delicate. I have to handle it with extra care.

Plus the unwanted problem that most probably will be repeating itself until the end of time (ok, over! maybe just for the next few months or years). Again, depends on how I handle it. Honestly, I feel miserable! Vulnerable! Depressed! Pathetic! But alhamdulillah not to the point of hurting myself. I still care for my health. I eat (a lot!), I sleep (like a baby!). But sadly every waking hour is a struggle, torture. Huaa~

Silelah menangis pada Yang Melihat, mengadu pada Yang Mendengar duhai Asyiqin. ^-^

At the same time, I feel like the weight on my shoulder is gone after I chose to follow my decision. It's like I don't feel burdened by it. I feel very pleased. Because it's the right thing, kan? (I shouldn't be asking this question, it's clearly the right thing to do) I just hope it lasts and that it won't change anything. Moga2 dipermudahkan oleh Allah. Amiiin~

Ok2, I know...ape la Asyiqin ni merepek. Blabbering people to sleep. Ngehehe...

Oh Asyiqin, stop owing people already! =.="
Kawan2, sy bayar lepas elaun masuk ye!
(seriously perasaan berhutang ni is like being backed into a corner.
The more you owe, the tighter you'll get crushed)
Ok bye!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dugaan makin berat.


Tu je nak ckp.
Dugaan skrg ni makin kerap dan makin berat.
Memerlukan kesabaran (I have patience ok!)
keteguhan iman (xleh lemah2, kne kuat!).

Q(^____^Q) nak kne tumbuk? AHAHA...


Ok bye. Busy3, xleh blog banyak2.