Friday, 25 May 2012

Changing places.


Have you ever thought of changing places with another person? Haven't thought about it? But if you had, who would it be? Most probably someone who's living a better life than you're having now, right? Always wanting the thing we don't have, and taking for granted of the things we do have. Typical. Silly. Ungrateful. 

How about changing places with the less fortunate? Who would want to change places if that's the case? Nobody would wish that. Right? But think about it once in a while. Putting ourselves in their shoes, the less fortunate. I've always been reminded of that. I thank that reminder of mine. =) It is only then that we feel blessed. 

Right now, I feel like I'm living the life of another person. And that person is living mine. It's not necessarily bad, but it's weird. Weirdo Asyiqin~

Ok done.


I saw an episode of Glee (20) just now and it was exactly what I was talking about. They change characters, and it's funny. ahaha...weird~

Friday, 18 May 2012



Rindunye nak menulis tapi tgh menghidap writer's block (perasan writer jap). Cannot think of anything to write. Orang kate hidup ni penuh dengan seni. Seni melukis, seni menulis, seni memasak, seni seni seni seni...sume la berkaitan dgn seni. Ade unsur2 kreativiti yang diperlukan dalam melakukan sesuatu. Menulis perlukan kreativiti, macam mane nak menarik pembaca utk teruskan pembacaan (ok, I dont have this). Melukis pon memang sah2 perlukan kreativiti, biar buruk asalkan kreatif...haha. Memasak pon same, perlukan kreativiti...kadang2 dah ikut recipe sebijik sebijun pon bleh jadi disaster, so di situlah perlunya seni mengalter! Ahaha...


Cannot wait to go back home for raya. 
Ukrida cpt la tentukan tarikh balik...
Tick tock tick tock~


Maluuuu~ Baik sangaatt, I'm so ashamed.
You came to me in that hour of need. =')

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Berite gembire.


Asyiqin dapat berite gembire! I'm super excited with the news. 
So happy~! Nak senyum all day long. Even in my sleep. =P

Ok tu je. 

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Don't give up.


Skrg pukul 5.49pagi. Ada kelas in a few hours. Rutin harian kami skrg. Alhamdulillah 2 minggu ni xberat sgt, just kelas. Asyiqin xde jadual sbnrnye. =.=" So, skrg ni jadi anak itik ikut blkg mak itik je. Org pegi kelas, Asyiqin pon ikut pegi kelas. Ahaha...Inisiatif mane Asyiqin?! Adoi.

Sbnrnye xnak ckp pasal tu pon.

Kadang2, kite ni lemah. Rase cm xkuat untuk hadapi ujian. Tak cukup kuat nak mengharungi ombak kehidupan. Hanya mampu terbuai2, tapi xmampu bergerak maju. It's like we're in a boat, a leaky boat. In the middle of the sea. Alone. Ombak memukul sampan, and we're moving up and down, up and down. Following the laws of physics. The longer we are in that boat, the more water seeps into our boat through the small hole. The more water, the more we sink. Unless! We row the boat. Even if water gets into the boat, at least we're heading towards somewhere. A destination. Our destination.

So, my point is...even if we feel we're not strong enough to go through the hardships, just don't give up. At least we're heading towards what we want.

So Asyiqin, don't give up! That good news is on the way. Maybe got caught up in a congestion or anything. Don't give up!