Thursday, 10 May 2012

Don't give up.


Skrg pukul 5.49pagi. Ada kelas in a few hours. Rutin harian kami skrg. Alhamdulillah 2 minggu ni xberat sgt, just kelas. Asyiqin xde jadual sbnrnye. =.=" So, skrg ni jadi anak itik ikut blkg mak itik je. Org pegi kelas, Asyiqin pon ikut pegi kelas. Ahaha...Inisiatif mane Asyiqin?! Adoi.

Sbnrnye xnak ckp pasal tu pon.

Kadang2, kite ni lemah. Rase cm xkuat untuk hadapi ujian. Tak cukup kuat nak mengharungi ombak kehidupan. Hanya mampu terbuai2, tapi xmampu bergerak maju. It's like we're in a boat, a leaky boat. In the middle of the sea. Alone. Ombak memukul sampan, and we're moving up and down, up and down. Following the laws of physics. The longer we are in that boat, the more water seeps into our boat through the small hole. The more water, the more we sink. Unless! We row the boat. Even if water gets into the boat, at least we're heading towards somewhere. A destination. Our destination.

So, my point is...even if we feel we're not strong enough to go through the hardships, just don't give up. At least we're heading towards what we want.

So Asyiqin, don't give up! That good news is on the way. Maybe got caught up in a congestion or anything. Don't give up!

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