Thursday, 25 December 2008

Girl Meets Boy

Once a girl met a boy.
There is nothing new.
Girl blooms out with joy,
Boy tears it all through.

The boy packs up his case,
he walks out the door.
Girl is left watching the space,
where he was before.

Boy's love is unloading,
doesn't care if she's coping.
Her world is exploding,
yet she is still hoping.

Boy doesn't need doubt,
doesn't care for reform.
Girl starts to bleed out,
the love she's kept warm.

He is giving out all those signs,
and dishing out all his dirt
and that girls writing lines,
about how much this hurts.

The boy starts to think,
he can't leave her behind.
His cheek flushes pink,
when she's on his mind.

The girl see's the pink,
as her teeth start to grind.
It pours down the sink,
she starts to go blind.

The boy starts to crawl,
he crawls right into black.
The girl starts to fall,
falls with a crack on her back.

The boy comes to say,
"I did not ever go,
for I have loved you more,
than you'll ever know."

For the first time though,
he said something true,
for she will never know,
that he loved her too.

What I Don't Like About Myself

  1. I laugh too much (to a point that people starts to think that it's annoying)
  2. I'm too loyal
  3. I crack stupid jokes
  4. I'm too lazy (but sometimes I'm too diligent..haha)
  5. I can't seem to own things long enough for me to thoroughly enjoy them...
  6. I like to gossip a lot
  7. I hate reading books
  8. I hate writing
  9. I love to scribble
  10. I'm pathetic
  11. I'm a heavy spender
  12. I'm hungry all the time
  13. I forgive people too easily
  14. I love assignments but hate doing them
  15. I hate mineral water
  16. I can't eat chocolates!!!!!
  17. I stutter (sometimes..)
  18. I'm loud
  19. I can't sit still for more than 30 minutes ~ (It's VERY hard during exams!)
  20. I can't stand perfumes
Bersyukurlah Asyiqin. Haih~

Things Guys Should Know About Girls

  • Girls really like that dorky smile you have
  • Girls usually breathe shakier when they are around guys they like
  • Just because she comes off strong doesn't mean she would be a bad girlfriend
  • Whatever you say about a girl; be careful...even if it isn't to their faces they'll hear about it sooner or later
  • Girls hate to be around your idiotic guy friends (in some cases this isn't true)
  • Girls can normally tell when you like them if your already their friend
  • Don't lie about your interest to befriend a girl
  • If you already have a GF don't flirt, that's like a smack in the face to the girl you're dating
  • Girls are normally not the ones who ask you to go out for a pizza, you take the chance and ask
  • Please don't judge girls by what other people say, it just isn't right unless you know for sure
  • Some girls can't keep their feet still when they are around someone they like
  • You have to learn to forgive girls, they make mistakes too
  • If a girl's heart has been broken she'll have trust issues; it's not just you
  • Girls like compliments
  • Girls like to be reassured that you love them
  • A girl that likes you appreciates just a simple "Hi" in the hallway
  • When you don't notice a girl that you know likes you. It hurts them.

Created by XxEmoButterflyxX
Edited by ME

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Not-Much-Of-A-Perfect Happy Ending

have you ever thought that sometimes a 'happy ending' of a movie is not that happy?for instance, there's this one happy ending shows two persons (a boy and a girl) ended up being together after having to go through 'obstacles' and their relationship developed from being just friends to being a couple (well...everybody hopes so).

but have you thought about what might happen afterward??the oh-so-happy-together couple might have a lot of problems and end up hating each other and heading one step closer to splitsville!or worse comes to worst,they want to kill each other!

so there!that's something to think about eh?

Monday, 22 December 2008


although I'm sure no one will...
well...I still want to tell you!
I don't care!
Oh..I change my mind!
why don't you guess!
It'll be much2 interesting that way!
CLUE---Much better than my last CGPA! (not much of a hint eh??)

'MAGGIE' a day keeps the stomachache away...

dear diary,

I am so hungry!!!I haven't eaten yet and I'm hoping there's more food for me to consume other than that Maggie...I'm sick of them already!Plizzz help me!!!I don't have a license n obviously can't drive!at least to a restaurant to buy some food n drinks!I've been having this stomachache since last night.I can't seem to find anything in that bloody kitchen for me to eat!well...EXCEPT MAGGIE!I need nutritious food like vegetables n fruits...but those in the fridge are rotten and ugly-looking...eeww!!!I need vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K!minerals...carbs...fats(not too much!)...water...ect.or else I'll die of starvation!someone pliz come and bring some food!if not a pizza...KFC would be okay!hahahaha...SERIOUSLY,I really need food!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Ice-Skating Catastrophe

After more that 8 years since the last time I went ice-skating...again recently I decided to give it another find out whether i still have the talent to skate on the rink like a professional like I used to.LOL before going in I convinced myself that I still had it but once I got on the ice rink,everything seemed difficult...even standing up!or breathe!my heart kept pounding like something bad about to happen..n to my surprise, I fell down on my butt! at first,I couldn't feel anything but after some time the pain started to surface...after falling numerous times,I started to feel like giving up.and that's when they asked us to leave the rink coz they want to resurface the my head,the same phrase kept repeating saying "I CAN DO IT!" and I believed that!as the resurfacing process ended,I got back onto the rink and start skating! for a second there,it happened!i skated! hahaha...but no doubt I fell several times.and I gave up for real!my shirt and jeans were soaking wet.BUT at the end of the day I had fun!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Last Farewell...

This would b one of da saddest days of my life as well as my coursemates'.It is da last day of our beloved maths lecturer(Mr.Goh)'s class.He will b furthering his studies in the US (if I'm not mistaken).Gud luck to u Mr Goh!

Which one is mine?

It is common in our daily lives,waiting for the bus to come n fetch us home.The last day of the final exam was no different than any other day.We thought that we were going straight home as the bus driver promised to pick us up as soon as the exam ended but it turned out that he were to come 2hours late.To kill time,6 of us housemates were so frustrated that we ended up taking a pic of our feet.Guess which one is mine?

Monday, 8 December 2008

That's what you get

Most people will tell you to read the book before watching the movie...I really don't think that it is a good idea...either way! Reading the book first or watching the movie first won't make any difference! For me, it's much much better if either I watch the movie OR read the book. Not both.

You know why? Because obviously there are parts of the book that won't make it into the movie and for me every sentence in the book is important! Crucial! ESSENTIAL! I'm not blaming the director of course...I blame myself for putting too much pressure on thinking about how wonderful it would be if it were the same as in the book. I'm mildly I really wish that Stephenie Meyer hadn't written the book so brilliantly.I am not an imaginative person but reading twilight, breaking dawn, eclipse and new moon had really opened my eyes and mind that there are more to life than just logic.

Other alternative, watch the movie ONLY! The movie would probably disappoint you less if you don't know how the story goes according to the book. Even though you would definitely missed out on most of the so-called "unimportant" parts of the book.

Take my advice! You either watch the movie or read the book. Don't do both! You'll be disappointed! I would at least!

oh ok..that's all for now!


I was so engrossed in reading these books that i didnt realized that id spent 3 nights finishing them non-stop.believe me u would too.they r da best n i recommend u guys read da picture,da 1st book Twilight is excluded.although,its da best compared 2 da other 3.