Thursday, 25 December 2008

Things Guys Should Know About Girls

  • Girls really like that dorky smile you have
  • Girls usually breathe shakier when they are around guys they like
  • Just because she comes off strong doesn't mean she would be a bad girlfriend
  • Whatever you say about a girl; be careful...even if it isn't to their faces they'll hear about it sooner or later
  • Girls hate to be around your idiotic guy friends (in some cases this isn't true)
  • Girls can normally tell when you like them if your already their friend
  • Don't lie about your interest to befriend a girl
  • If you already have a GF don't flirt, that's like a smack in the face to the girl you're dating
  • Girls are normally not the ones who ask you to go out for a pizza, you take the chance and ask
  • Please don't judge girls by what other people say, it just isn't right unless you know for sure
  • Some girls can't keep their feet still when they are around someone they like
  • You have to learn to forgive girls, they make mistakes too
  • If a girl's heart has been broken she'll have trust issues; it's not just you
  • Girls like compliments
  • Girls like to be reassured that you love them
  • A girl that likes you appreciates just a simple "Hi" in the hallway
  • When you don't notice a girl that you know likes you. It hurts them.

Created by XxEmoButterflyxX
Edited by ME

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