Thursday, 25 December 2008

Girl Meets Boy

Once a girl met a boy.
There is nothing new.
Girl blooms out with joy,
Boy tears it all through.

The boy packs up his case,
he walks out the door.
Girl is left watching the space,
where he was before.

Boy's love is unloading,
doesn't care if she's coping.
Her world is exploding,
yet she is still hoping.

Boy doesn't need doubt,
doesn't care for reform.
Girl starts to bleed out,
the love she's kept warm.

He is giving out all those signs,
and dishing out all his dirt
and that girls writing lines,
about how much this hurts.

The boy starts to think,
he can't leave her behind.
His cheek flushes pink,
when she's on his mind.

The girl see's the pink,
as her teeth start to grind.
It pours down the sink,
she starts to go blind.

The boy starts to crawl,
he crawls right into black.
The girl starts to fall,
falls with a crack on her back.

The boy comes to say,
"I did not ever go,
for I have loved you more,
than you'll ever know."

For the first time though,
he said something true,
for she will never know,
that he loved her too.

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ikanBILISrangup said...

hoho....jiwang jiwangan lorr...
hahaha..mne amek niyh..??ke bwat sndiri..???