Sunday, 14 December 2008

Ice-Skating Catastrophe

After more that 8 years since the last time I went ice-skating...again recently I decided to give it another find out whether i still have the talent to skate on the rink like a professional like I used to.LOL before going in I convinced myself that I still had it but once I got on the ice rink,everything seemed difficult...even standing up!or breathe!my heart kept pounding like something bad about to happen..n to my surprise, I fell down on my butt! at first,I couldn't feel anything but after some time the pain started to surface...after falling numerous times,I started to feel like giving up.and that's when they asked us to leave the rink coz they want to resurface the my head,the same phrase kept repeating saying "I CAN DO IT!" and I believed that!as the resurfacing process ended,I got back onto the rink and start skating! for a second there,it happened!i skated! hahaha...but no doubt I fell several times.and I gave up for real!my shirt and jeans were soaking wet.BUT at the end of the day I had fun!

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