Thursday, 25 December 2008

What I Don't Like About Myself

  1. I laugh too much (to a point that people starts to think that it's annoying)
  2. I'm too loyal
  3. I crack stupid jokes
  4. I'm too lazy (but sometimes I'm too diligent..haha)
  5. I can't seem to own things long enough for me to thoroughly enjoy them...
  6. I like to gossip a lot
  7. I hate reading books
  8. I hate writing
  9. I love to scribble
  10. I'm pathetic
  11. I'm a heavy spender
  12. I'm hungry all the time
  13. I forgive people too easily
  14. I love assignments but hate doing them
  15. I hate mineral water
  16. I can't eat chocolates!!!!!
  17. I stutter (sometimes..)
  18. I'm loud
  19. I can't sit still for more than 30 minutes ~ (It's VERY hard during exams!)
  20. I can't stand perfumes
Bersyukurlah Asyiqin. Haih~


Izyan de' Nerd said...

1 more: you're FAT!!

Happy birthday! (wink*)

ikanBILISrangup said...

hate reading..??

biar bonar...buku ko kan banyk...

AKIQIN said...

buku byk xb'maksud aku bace sumenye..