Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Family Trip....

It's been a while since my whole family go on a holiday...maybe due to our different brother was in Australia looking for a sis was in Ireland studying medicine, since now both of them are in Malaysia, my parents took the advantage of holidaying in Bandung, Indonesia. There's no particular reason to why they chose that place but people say that it was shopping heaven...I can't really believe that. I'm not intending on badmouthing that particular state of Indonesia, I'm just expressing my honest opinions and thoughts. okay, we thought that it was going to be cool and breezy there but the moment we reached our destination, it definitely wasn't really that in cold. (for me at least coz I can't tolerate heat).

It was overflowing with people, vehicles were everywhere. But there's one thing that I was impressed with this country. They have excellent and tolerable drivers and motorists. Even though every inch of the road was covered with cars, vans, taxis and motocycles...accident may be something rare there. They could tolerate and give way to other drivers, one thing I may never see in Malaysia. This is something that we should consider following.

While in Bandung, we did a bit of shopping here and there like Summit, For Men and lots of other factory outlets. I bought a couple of things...Oh, and we went to Pasar Baru which was filled with people and escalators (hahaha...). My mom bought dozens of telekung (I got one too, hihihi) ....and batik(???) for her friends and herself. One other thing that I realized was that people there smoke a lot. Everywhere I go there must be at least 5 persons smoking..*choke2* me!!!!breathing difficulties!!!ahaha

And we went to Kawah Putih, a tourist spot (kinda) up one of the hills in Bandung. It was fairly cold...something like Cameron Highlands but a bit cooler. Along the journey up the hill to was pretty much like Cameron Highlands with the tea, starwberries and stuff...At the peak of the hill, there was the 'kawah putih'. It's actually green. I can't really describe this place so just do it yourself by looking at the pictures below...

The food there was different but nice. I had lots of Nasi Padang...very famous there. And I ate some Sunda dishes which was pretty good. I ate a lot!

There's more but I'm too lazy to write and upload pics right now...I know2...this entry is soooo boring so don't bother...ahaha you know what... I won't! hihihihi (why would anyone want to know about my trip?? Honestly I don't know!.. I just feel like putting it up on my blog hahaha)

daaa for now~

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~alkhwarizmi3 said...

bandung..besg siot..ade mee bandung x kt sane..heheh

iqin..rndu sama diana,
aku da g ukm sok..luse daftar..
kampus aku kt kl taw..
btl2 blakg perpustakaan negare aku nye kolej kdiaman..

free datang r mlawat..

hai,mkin cun nmpak skrg,pe da pasang nie

AKIQIN said...

ahahaha...mane ade mee bandung kt sane!! kt Malaysia je ade!

hihihi...ko rindu kt aku???wahhh...terharu~
aku pon rindu kt ko n kwn2 kite sume..huhuhuh..teringat kt zmn skolah kain khaki...huahuahua

weh...aku dh nk fly g jakarta la mid august nnti...lgpon aku kne bt mental and physical preparation ni...sori la kalo xleh nk lwt...kesuntukan mase..kui3

hmmm aku makin cun ke???hahahaha...diana buat lwk!!! mane ade nk psg2 plak...aku bkn cm kau!kikiki