Saturday, 5 September 2009

Earthquake!!! RUN!!!


Oh no!! I'm not kidding about the earthquake stuff. It's real!!! I was in a hall with my fellow batchmates when suddenly I felt like the floor was shaking. Initially I thought that it was because of some guys/girls jumping cause I really didn't think that earthquake was even possible there. But I was clearly wrong! It seemed that was the first time it happened since three years ago in Jakarta.

Everyone was talking..minding their own business
Some went to musollah to pray and since I've prayed earlier I stayed in the hall with the other talkative medic students...
I was planning on sleeping but the others were too loud, I just couldn't. (I was extremely exhausted!!!! It felt like 2 years sitting on that chair...+PBL(problem-based learning) session earlier was frustrating 'cause my groupmates couldn't understand most of what I said and I couldn't understand them at all! ARGH!!!)
Then, when my facilitator was distributing the transparency for tomorrow's presentation, I felt the quake. It was strong. The hall was like all over the place. Left right front back. It was scary! At that moment, I kept thinking about my parents and family back home. Am I going to be able to see them again, etc?
But the weird thing was that they didn’t ‘allow’ us to get out of the building. So, I felt the shake like from the start till the end when I was sitting on the small chair (it was very tight, I could barely get out of it).
Horrifying experience. I found out that it was 7.3 SR. That is very high and it could also lead to a tsunami. Oh no no no no...huhuh
Hmm...nothing else to say. That’s it then.


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