Friday, 4 March 2011



I have to warn you guys first. This post is booooooriiiiing! But if you are willing to bear the boringness because you are too bored and feel that reading this boring post will kill the time, then I welcome you~ ^____^

A few days earlier, I saw a Rachel Ray (RR) show on the TV which was very weird cause I never watched those kinds of shows before. I even quickly changed the channel when I accidentally landed on an Oprah show. Errrkkk. So, that day RR had a guest named Martin Lindstrom who wrote a book called "Buyology: The Truths and Lies About Why We Buy". I had no intentions on buying that book but it was interesting. The way he explained about the book captured my attention. I didn't changed the channel. Haha.

It was something to do with neuromarketing. How things in this world influence our brain, our decision-making. The example he gave, a Mini Cooper. Why do people buy Mini Coopers? *I, too dream of having a Mini Cooper as my first car* The reason he gave was because if we look beyond the physical features of the front of the car, we can see the face of a baby. And babies, are undeniably cute. Plus women...are in their nature to want cute things. And statistic shows that many owners of the Mini Cooper are women. So, what he's implying is that...these companies or brands are influencing our brains so that we buy what they're selling. This - neuromarketing.

Another example, a restaurant. He did this research on wine. In a restaurant, they played three kinds of songs, them being Italian, Spanish and French. So, when people come to the restaurant, they see what kinds of wine they'll choose. What he got out of the experiment was that people were likely to choose Italian wine when Italian music is playing and so the others. The music somehow influenced their wine-picking. huhu It's interesting.

Beyond our control, subconsciously we do the things we do that we wouldn't do if we knew about this. Take this example. When we go to a supermarket to buy some things, studies show that we are likely to buy more when we use a shopping cart rather than not using one. Memang kalo ikut logik pon, of kos la kan cause ape je yg kite boleh bawak gune due tgn kite ni, right? Tambahan lagi kalo kite xde lists of things to buy. Even with a list, we tend to buy more than what we initially intended on buying. Imagine without a list. Walk through this aisle, take, take, take. Another aisle, take, take, take, put them in the cart. See? So, if you want to save money...make a list, stick to it and unless you absolutely have to....don't use a shopping cart.

So, as I was watching the show, I thought..."our brains play a great role in our life". Sometimes, what we say aren't necessarily what we think. The truth lies in our brain. Which Brodmann area is activated. Heart *hati dlm bahasa melayunye* pula influences our brain. Have you ever uttered something completely opposite to what you're actually thinking? Contohnye, seorang kawan tanye..."cantik x baju yang aku baru beli ni?" and you immediately answered "cantik!!" when in actuality you think the blouse is dull and sooo last season. Hati tu mempengaruhi otak kite untuk berkata2 yang baik kerane kite xnak menyakitkan hati org, kite nak jage perasaan. Of course we want the truth, but think you really? We don't want the truth *ni slalu terjd slps dh tau the truth* and at the same time we don't want lies. (I don't know where I'm going with this...hmm~)

Hmmm, maybe that's all I want to talk about. I know, I know. Aik? Tibe2 je dh abes. I really don't know how to end this post. Cm xde point to get across pon. Sy macam menceritekan balik RR show tu je. Haih... (sbnrnye nk tulis post ni the day sy tgk show tu but "buzy" sgt, now sy sudah lupe ape point yang nk dismpikan. huhuhu) Sorry kalo ini membazirkan masa anda. :P

Ok, till next time! Assalamualaikum~


Asip Hussin said...

main amek je apape masuk cart. are you talking about yourself? hihi~

Asyiqin said...

Alamak, terkantoiii suda~ Hikhik...Won't happen again. Akan buat list next time! *semangat*

Asip Hussin said...

amatlah berbeza kita ini. kadang2 saye buat list, tapi keluar kedai tak beli apape. punye la pemalas nak beli barang~

Asyiqin said...

tu bukan malas. anda sudah terkenal dengan kekedekutan anda. huhuhu

but...different is good, don't you think?