Saturday, 17 May 2014

Tidak faham.


Xfaham kenape segale bende buat saye marah kebelakangan ni. Sikit-sikit marah, sikit-sikit geram. I've never been like this before. At least not longer than a day. I kind of want to slap something in its face if it had one. Mane agaknye datang segale amarah dalam diri ni? Everything pon rase cm mencabar kesabaran. Ah women and hormones. Why do I have to succumb to you hormones? I'm better than you. Hah! Istighfar Asyiqin istighfar. Okay, I should keep quiet today. Don't start a conversation. Just be present but not involved. Okay, good plan. Hehehe

Ade exam arini. But I don't have the slightest mood to get out of my room today. I'm not even excited to go to Jogja anymore. *mentally sleeping in*

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