Monday, 23 November 2009

What a week~


I just finished a "block" of dreadful subjects that includes philosophy of science, critical thinking, research methodology and study skills. The last 3 weeks were so horrible that I felt as if life itself had been taken out of me. For me, philosophy is what I think of the grim reaper. Once we students step into the hall for lectures on philosophy of science, the shine on faces gets dimmer and eventually gone after what seemed like ages. Oh those classes were BORING and I could say that it was incomprehensible or beyond my (and I guess most of the others') understanding. Plus, there's 4 books that our lecturer asked to read which were equally boring and not something that my mind could interpret. Blergh...

I just want to share about what my friends and I had to go through in order to face the philosophy exam when all of us were so busy that we couldn't even finish reading one of the books. They weren't that thick, they're just too hard to understand and it took so much of our time and energy to comprehend what they are trying to deliver in the books...

The night before the exam *philosophy of science specifically*, I slept like about one and a half hours and the rest of the day studying on that subject. Oh my, it's tiring I tell you. It's not because of the "not sleeping" but because of the "not understanding" part. It was as if learning alien language. PEH!

The day of the exam, I felt horrible, anxious, agitated and uneasy. I kept forgetting all the main points. All mixed up in my brain and I couldn't assemble the overflowing information in my brain that I felt as if they were poured out off my ears and leaving my brain half-empty (or completely empty..ahaha). I had to keep asking my friends to explain everything to me right before the exam so that I could refresh my memory (as if I had any left..) *Thanks Faiqah*

I also want to thank my friends who joined the study group that night. It helped me a lot and I hope that it did to you guys too...I wouldn't be able to answer the questions if it weren't for you guys.

I hope that we all pass the exam and that we don't have to undergo any one of those horrible nights...SAY NO TO REMEDIAL n SP (short semester)~

Listening to: Goodbye by Jang Geun Seuk


♥aLmA♥ said...

say no to remed n sp..
metpen n filsafat ku~~
waaaaaaaaaaaa :(
nak nanges..
tp xstdy nyre x..
cam ne nih??

Anonymous said...

I hope u got thru it alright.