Friday, 23 October 2009

Asyiqin's Theories...


Today I want to share with you guys theories that I've came up with after *years of observations and analyses plus studies on 1000 random girls and guys from all over the world. These theories are not inclined to any specific subjects or fields. They are just theories from many aspects of life. here~

Asyiqin's Theories
1. One will never or seldom realize someone's existence until those involved are properly introduced. Once they know the other person's name/info or at least get familiar with his/her face, therefore one will always bump into or see him/her and realize that the other person is always there wherever you are.

2. One will always have a connection with at least one person of his/her friend's friends.
The term 'friend' is subjective. Different people consider differently for someone to become friends. So it doesn't matter whether you are great friends or so-so friends or enemies as long as you know the person.

P.S The theories above are not really proven to be true or can be applied to everybody. They are merely jokes I made. I, too, want to make theories like Newton or Einstein. ahahaha!!!

*Very true story! ahahah...IJK!


Anonymous said...

whatever it is
i like your theory


AKIQIN said...

Ahahaha...Wow! We have something in common!
I like my theories too!!!