Friday, 16 October 2009

I want to read, write and be proud!


I haven't read a single book (English) since Twilight series which was about 2 years ago. I feel so inadequate. So lost. So speechless. I can't even write a paragraph without having to think through of the words I'm suppose to use. I'm taking too much time thinking than writing down words that seemed so easily popped into my head before. Now I have to find the words that I know I had it right at the back of my head. It is so frustrating knowing that what you've been working for all these years are beginning to vanish itself in thin air. You are so helpless that you can only watch it happens without having the chance to grasp them tight so that you could stop them from doing just that. I realize quite clearly that I am not as good as an author of a bestselling book but I have to know that I can at least have the words that I've been using all this years right there up in my small lazy brain. Connect those neurons! Help me search the things that I've lost...Memory fading, body not responding! White flag!

P.S: This entry is full of useless blabber... One sentense don't always have connections with the others. They are of different perspectives/topics...

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