Saturday, 17 October 2009

It will never be easy~


You see...I've always hoped to lead a simple life. But I know and realize that life will never be easy. There's lots of things to discover, to explore and to exploit throughout our lives.

I know now that I can't just sit around and play games on Facebook and chatting away with friends miles away in another foreign country.

In fact, now I feel so anxious every time I have nothing to do. I feel like I need to study or at least do something beneficial.

*Like always, I've been channelling my anxiety and restlessness by watching movies* Unfortunately, movies can't wash them away anymore.

I think too much and now everything seems so important and urgent that I have to push aside all those small things that used to make me feel better. I need to expect that my life will always be hectic and boring especially when I'm taking a course on medicine. Haaaah~

Like one of my friends said to me...I panic too easily. She said I need to relax and enjoy my life and not make it any more complicated. *My parents said the exact same thing* I guess they're right. I really do need to relax and take a deep breath once in a while. DEEP BREATH~ ommm...

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