Sunday, 8 March 2009

What A Pleasant Surprise...

I bumped into my old friend/x-rumate/x-schoolmate/x-bedmate(muahaha)...Afifah a.k.a PIPAH!!!!

I was shocked when suddenly I saw her face the moment I turned around after withdrawing some money from the ATM...

I was like..."Ahhh(screaming)...Pipah!!!!"
That was the only 'sentence' that I managed to say without stuttering.

I got tongue tight and somehow my mind suddenly went blank. It's been 4 years since the last time I saw her, I thought I had so many questions to ask but none managed to come out of my mouth. The rest was just me stuttering and stammering(I stutter when I get excited or nervous) trying to make a conversation with her. So Pipah was actually the one asking all the questions.

Oh, Helma(my other friend) was there too...She was exceptionally quiet. I don't know why. If I remember correctly, she was really talkative during our schooldays together. Or maybe she got the same problem that I had. Ahahaha...

But the thing I hate about reuniting with old friends is that I embarrass myself looking so fat when standing beside them...that can't be help!Dieting is never gonna work on me!

It's okay...I still have 7 years before our grand reunion!huahuahua..

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