Saturday, 30 January 2010

Eat eat eat till you're fat!


As people say, you are what you eat. That can be implied to most human being in the planet Earth but some just lucky enough to not represent what they're eating (meaning=they maintain their figure even though they shove food into their mouth like there's enough room for two whole meals). On the other hand, there are people in this world who'll gain 5lbs *exaggerating* just by drinking a glass of water. Yours truly~ Ahhh...lantak la...nk gemuk ke xnk gemuk ke. Bukannye nk impress sape2 pon. Btul x? *alasan semate2*

My dad bought me this bottle of dietary supplement (buffered vitamin C) and my appetite keeps on heightening tho I'm not very sure that it has anything to do with these tablets I've been eating for almost a month. Supposedly 1 tablet before meal per day but almost every day I forget and forget about them and thus having to scream each time after lunch. Coz it seems to me that that's the only time that I could remember having to consume that oh-so-humongous tablet of Vit C. I have no problem swallowing it, it's just that I hate having to eat pills daily like I'm sick or something. My friend once asked me if I were sick coz she had to see me swallow that bitter vit C (it doesn't taste like orange). But don't worry my friend, I'm not sick. I'm just too fat. Hahaha...where does that come from?

Oh father, I know you're worried about me having to go through adversity, hardship, poverty, etc. But don't worry, I have enough body fat to last for 3 whole days. kihkihkih...

Ayat2 di atas bukanlah tujuan utama saye menulis entry ini. Tujuan utama saye ialah untuk menunjukkan betape banyaknye nikmat yang diberi oleh Allah kepade kite. Tapi janganlah kite berlebih-lebihan dan janganlah kite tidak bersyukur atas segala yang Allah beri kepade kite.

Two days ago, my friend Alma asked me if I wanted to go watch a movie coz she made a promise to herself that she would bring my birthday present (it is?), and without hesitation I agreed. We brought Ira along *cam bwk pet plak..ahahah* and watched Case 39 *psycho pny movie..buat kami yang penakut ni asyik terjerit je*. And after that, since there's Secret Recipe not too far from XII, we ordered a piece of cake each. Ahhh...melayang 25k~ Ape yang dapat? Kekenyangan dan kemuakan yang berlebihan. ISH Asyiqin...tolong la bersyukur dapat makan.

Nilah die cake Indulgence yang sedap tapi memuakkan kalo makan byk2...yang second pic tu adalah gara2 kebosanan and xde keje lain nk buat.

Dalam cite lain iaitu beberapa hari sebelum makan cake yang menggemukkan ni, saye dengan senang hatinye telah berkunjung ke CL and TA dua hari berturut2 dan tanpe memikirkan hal duit yang semakin sengkek lagi kering ni, saye membeli roti2 di Breadtalk. Ni gara2 vit C yang telah menambahkan selera makan saye ni...sume bnde nk makan. ISH3 Asyiqin~ Lame2 ilang mate idung mulut kne tutup ngan lemak...ahahaha!

Luckily saye telah menangkap gambar2 makanan yang sedap lagi mahal itu, yakni roti2 Breadtalk sebelum saye "ngap" die.

The first one's called Mocha Cave and the second is Bread Pudding which reminds me a lot of my mom's...very delicious~

The point here is that I'm starting to fond eating and that's very bad for me. Then, I used to hold eating until lunch but now I can't skip breakfast. Too hungry that I could turn into the Incredible Hulk in no time! GRRR..Give me food, or else...



Asip Hussin said...

you are wat u eat? huiyoo, agak menakutkan. maklum le, kadang2 aku rase mcm berkepak lepas makan ayam. pade mase yang lain aku rase bertanduk lepas makan lembu. penah gak aku rase berbau lepas mkn kambing. tp tu bkn sebab mkn kambing rasenye...

adakah ini yang anda maksudkan???

AKIQIN said...

ahaha!!! menyarut lagi mamat ni..
tu direct translation pny mksud. ape da~
and NO...that's not what I meant!