Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I wash my brain daily...

Assalamualaikum~'s been awhile...I missed writing in my blog though they're not that important but I just want to be able to commemorate every single thing I've experienced up to this moment. Every firsts like how newly parents capture their first child's first word, first step, first kiss?, etc. I never had a diary and because of that I never really understand what people are supposed to write about daily. I couldn't understand how they have so many things to put into their diary without running out of ideas.

I've never felt the need to write about everything(or some things) every day coz I just feel that they're not that important? But I am wrong? Should those things that I feel not important be the most crucial of all? Did I misjudged? Did I not take things seriously? Hmmm..I wonder. Maybe I did. I'm too simple-minded that I couldn't even remember the details of my day over 24 hours. It's like that spam folder where it'll delete any spam messages after some time periodically. Only my brain deletes certain memories after 24 hours or maybe even less. It's a problem. I know~

My brain could be that small coz it can't store much information at one time.

On my way home, I talked to this friend of mine...and out of nowhere, this blog subject popped out. And she said that I haven't update my blog for so long. I do realize that actually. It's been over 3 weeks, almost a month. The last time I wrote an entry was the day after I came back from Malaysia. it's almost time to go back home. Time flies pretty fast. I said. I don't know what to write. *I'm currently in a state where my brain is not working properly*. AHHH!!! I just got a topic. Ahahaha...too late. I'll have to write about it in the next entry. That's all for now. Toodles~


aLmA♥ said...

sape tu yg ckp cam2?
tp btl kn iqin..
every sec dlm life kite ni sgt2 bermakna :)

AKIQIN said...

ckp ape Alma? which one?
quote skit!
hmmm..yes2. very important!
unfortunately, kite xde camcorder kt mate kite ni nk rakam every second of our life.
huhuhuhu...Alma, invent la satu!

Anonymous said...

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