Monday, 4 January 2010

I enjoyed every single second with my family in Malaysia~


I reached my beloved country very early in the about 8am if I'm not mistaken and as I entered the arrival hall I knew that my parents wouldn't be there yet coz I accidentally told them that I land at about 9am. :( I was with my friends at first and minutes after that, one by one went back home with their families. I expected my parents to come a lot later but surprisingly they were already there. I was so happy when my dad tapped my shoulder to make sure it was me...aaahhhh~ back home finally!!!

That day, I slept all through the day coz I didn't sleep the night before that as my flight was at 5am and I'm too afraid to sleep coz I might oversleep and miss my flight. I'm beginning to regret sleeping in that day. I could have eaten kuey teow with mommy!!! ahahaha

I went shopping with my family almost every day and ate every possible meal in Malaysia. I miss them so much. Mama's kuey teow, roti canai, mee goreng mamak, siakap tiga rase, etc.

Oh, I went to Kenny Rogers Roasters! Which is very unlikely for us coz it cost us a fortune. Nevertheless, my dad brought us to OU and we had to search for it coz it's been ages since we've been to Kenny Rogers. It was fun. parents was tired of walking by the time we reached there. ahaha Poor them. (bad service btw. The waiter was sulky. Not paying attention when we're placing our orders. Malas nk keje la tuh!) And, it's a tradition in out family to guess the price after every big meal. And I won. I guessed RM142 and it was RM143+. Very close right? ahaha *I feel bad that my dad had to spend that much for a meal*

I went to the cinema 3 times during the two weeks holiday. First with my brother and my kid sister, went to watch Avatar which was awesome!!! I fell in love with the hero immediately...ahahaha. The second time I went with my parents and my kid sister, my sister n I watched Sherlock Holmes and my parents went for Avatar. *Dad loved it, mommy slept through the movie..ish2* The third time was the day before my flight back to Indonesia. I forced my family to go watch Cirque Du Freak. ahaha...good, not bad, could've done better~

The point is...I love being with my family doing things together, shopping, jalan2, makan2, etc. I can't wait for February to come. Oh pliz, make time fly faster...*not when I'm in Malaysia, tho*


Zaim Van Java said...

huhu...panjangnye... ko watpe je time cuti2?

AKIQIN said...

la...kan aku dh cerita dlm tu..., etc.