Thursday, 4 March 2010

How to turn this around?


I don't want to feel bored here in my own home but I just can't stop from feeling that way. I need to do something. I want to do something. I want something to happen. I'm too bored that I keep on stuffing my mouth with food. Internet now seems so boring. YM getting boring coz nobody to chat with. Blog's getting boring coz nothing to write about except me being bored. Too lazy to download movies. Can't get out coz I don't have licence to drive. Plus my dad won't let me anyways.

I don't feel like being imprisoned or anything, I'm just too bored! Now I know why people have jobs. I always think that "don't people get bored working all the time?". Hmm...I guess not doing anything is much more 'boring-er' that doing something all the time. Yeah? Hmmm...I'll have to work everyday first in order to know/compare.

Yes. I'm bored of being bored~

P/S: I learned how to play a lot of intros using the keyboard. Keyboard, one of my saviours from being bored to death.


Asip Hussin said...

even YM pon boring sebab xde sape nak chat with??? haha. same la kite~

AKIQIN said...

So, ape lg?
Let's chat with each other~
ahahaha =P