Tuesday, 26 May 2009


hmm..something bad happened to my friend, Alma two days ago. I wasn't sure if I should post anything about this or not earlier but since she already posted one on her blog...I guess she wouldn't mind me talking about this. Actually her little brother was kidnapped by several men while he was walking to a park to play with his friends...her family realized this only after his brother didn't come home long after school hours had ended. I couldn't imagine such a thing happening to me...you guys may think "what is the connection between Alma's brother and I?"...okay2, I'll explain. Alma was at home when that fateful accident happened, and I was in our condominium. That night, I had a nightmare and in that nightmare, something very bad was gonna happen to me but luckily I managed to escape and run for my valuable life. The nights before that nightmare, I slept without even dreaming of anything...for over a couple of months, I should say. suddenly that night I had a dream...and not the kind of dreams where there's a prince riding a white horse coming to rescue me from the bad guys (I wish!)...that nightmare was every girls' nightmare! I would never ever want that to happen to me or any other girls in this world. okay, I'm just saying that, me having that nightmare shows that something bad happened/was happening/will happen...maybe his brother and I have some kind of connection...ahahaha...no la...kebetulan je tu kot!but luckily her brother (like in my dream...) managed to escape from being held prisoner...that's the connection...oh btw her brother is 12 years old...imagine yourself being in his shoes!

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