Thursday, 21 May 2009

Dissecting A MOUSE!!!

For the first time in 18 years and 5 months on Earth...I finally got the chance to dissect a mouse...ahahaha!! not the sewer rat though! the clean white lab mouse! even though people think it's small and cute, but I assure you that it's not! they are hyperactive, stinky and hmmm...what else??? animal lovers, I, on behalf of my course mates apologize if our experiment offend you in any ways. but what can you do...they are lab mice! they are made to be dissected...anyways, surprisingly I wasn't at all scared or disgusted by them like I used to be...Alma was the one who picked out our mouse and I was responsible for knocking the mouse using Chloroform I mean not by hitting it.ahahaha!!! I tried to to do just that but it took us longer than I expected. So after it finally lost its consciousness...we began dissecting it!since no one else in my group volunteered to dissect it, so I took the "job".muahahaha....before that, I observed other groups on how they do that things we should do on that white little animal...and I noticed their hands were trembling like how my hands would before interviews.ahahaha...I mustered every courage I had to do my "job" and thankfully I didn't tremble(tunjuk terer padahal first time bt)...ahahaha!!!long story short, we separated the organs from the small body of the mouse and everyone was happy!!!!end of story...ahahahaha I didn't capture anything coz my hands(don't worry I wore gloves) were contaminated with blood...but my friend had one with myself in it...ahaha so here!



kt jasin ak belah katak.

lg chuymel. bulat2 n gemok2.

AKIQIN said...

aku tau...aku diri sebelah ko...geli gile aku time tuh....ahahaha

MissB said...

oh dear..i'm so pissed off!!

haha..(bajet animal lover)


AKIQIN said...

ala..kalo ko pissed off pon ape yg ko bleh bt kt aku??
sume tu dh berlalu...bkn bleh idupkan blek pon kn???