Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Just now I went to Cineleisure to have a game or two of bowling...
so since my right arm was hurting too much for me to be able to hold the heavy house ball...
I decided early on to just play know...just throw the ball and hope that it'd knock down one or two of the pins at the end of the lane...I even tried using my left hand..awkward!
the first and the second game would make me look like an amateur considering that I couldn't even pass 100.funny coz I've been in this sport for almost a decade!(should have been a pro already!..but no I'm not a pro..sadly)
and for the third a.k.a last game,me and my friends suggested on playing more seriously to the group of four who played next to us...and to have a competition.3 versus 4!
supposedly the other group has an advantage of having an extra player...
but in the end my group won!ahahaha....the 3 superiors managed to topple off the 4 inferiors!!!muahahaha....sorry!too evil!
here's proof!

the other team

my team!I'm 'I'!!!!

notice the total at the right hand bottom? team was already 92 ahead of them at that time...
hahaha...jgn marah!!!
the thing that I wanted to say was that why couldn't I get pass 200???It was my record two years ago and still hasn't been broken.oh why???

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