Monday, 11 May 2009

Miss Alicia's Departure...

once again...the time has come for another of our lecturer to leave us...not long ago, Miss Hazwani left to work in Kelantan and before that Mr Goh gave his up job to further his studies in the US, and now Miss Alicia is intending to do the exact same thing...she said that she got an offer to teach at a university in Perak and we all know that it is what's best for her but it's just sad to say goodbye after all we've been through together(jiwangz!)...muahaha...she even got each of us a bookmark (she made them herself! touching...huhuhu). We can't stop her from going though, but we pray that she will lead a happy and successful life and that she will never ever forget us here....her awesome students!On her last day at Unity College International, our council members organized an impromptu (haha...not really) farewell party for Miss Alicia (she informed us of her departure a day before the party thus it was not so grand like Miss Hazwani's). I captured some pictures of our last days with Miss Alicia...have a look!

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