Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Problem-based Learning is the base of problems in learning~


First of all, I know most of you guys know that the title above is not originally from this head of mine but I 'cilok' from Asri. I just love that statement and I 98% agree with him. Just the right moment when I want to express every kind of feelings I have towards PBL, Asri wrote that entry of his. So, since I'm too busy to think of another phrase for the title of my entry tonight, I'll just take his...ahahaha! Gomen!

There! PBL (Problem-based learning)! The bane of my existence, aside from exams and studying. ahaha... Everytime there's PBL, stress tags along. Whether it's too much to handle or too hard to grasp. Every session, there's always and I mean ALWAYS some things that we couldn't figure out from the scenario given. Somehow they don't really connect with what we're supposed to be learning. I'm not sure that I even know how PBL works even though I've gone through like hundreds(exaggerating~) of them! And discussing didn't help much. I think it made things even difficult to "solve". Man!

I despise this...

I'm living in a world of anger and frustration...what could ever make me happy?

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