Saturday, 12 December 2009

Queuing~ Episode 2...


Ok...Yesterday, I went to "Dunia Fantasi" or DUFAN for short, with my batchmates. It's like Genting Highlands but A LOT warmer...It's supposed to be very fun and exciting experience for us all but there's one thing that I'm sure not only me but all of us were not happy with. Which was QUEUING...

Actually the idea of queuing didn't really upset everyone if it was for 10 minutes or so. But imagine having to queue for at least an hour for a ride. That's unacceptable! Plus, we picked the wrong day to go coz tons of school girls and boys were there. I think that's the only place for them to enjoy themselves during the holidays in Jakarta. We couldn't blame them. Though, what a letdown! Even though the tickets were half-price...JIMAT!!!!

First of all, I want to say how disappointed I was that the roller coaster ride was closed at the time! That's a MAJOR LETDOWN!!! They were painting the tracks or something like that, so there's no way we're gonna ride that. GRRR!!!

Like I said, most of the rides, we had to wait for at least one hour. So after we're done with the first one, we just queued up for a second one. We didn't know what ride it was at first but since there's a line, we just followed those queuing. I thought it was a short line, but it was otherwise! They tricked us! There, we queued for what it seemed like 2 hours and found out at last that the ride was not at all worth the queuing. And during the ride, I hurt my arm trying to not flatten Qilah the thin girl~ ahahaa...

The queue was extremely long!!!!!!

Then, we went to another ride and there's where Ira and Qilah started to feel dizzy and decided to part ways. They went to the other part of the theme park and Fatin, Alma, Mazni and I went to the "extreme" rides.

After that, the four of us went to Kicir-Kicir coz it seemed so much fun and I think everybody screamed during that ride. It was so extreme! It went up and down, left to right...all over the place!
I LOVE it! Although we had to queue *again!* but it was worthwhile~ I hope I could ride it again..and again...and again...until I throw up~ Then, I'll be satisfied....ahahah

I'm loving this!!!

After that we went for our last ride of the day, or night as you might say. And it's called the TORNADO~ Sounds cool eh? It was pretty cool! Again, we queue and the sky was already dark when we got to ride the Tornado...I could see the dark sky and possible some stars...I'm not really sure coz the Tornado was fast and scary. That, I love too!

I wanted to ride it again but too bad they closed early.
So we had to call it a day and go back home. huhuhuh~ There's so many rides that we wanted to play but so little time...or should we say the queues took most of our time. Darn!

I'm loving this too!

Too bad I couldn't get a picture with me and my friends on it~ huhuhu...It's okay, NEXT TIME...bak kate Alma! ahahaha....

Oh, there's one thing that I was not very please with. Those school girls and boys that didn't have the courtesy to line up! GRRR!!! LINE UP! It's doesn't hurt to queue.

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