Tuesday, 6 March 2012



I've reached Jakarta...for the umpteenth time. And the part I like about coming back here is...sitting at the window seat of the plane. Having the chance to witness the picturesque views from up above. The clouds, the sea, the sun, shadows of clouds cast by the sun on the surface of the sea and land, layer after layer of clouds, raindrops, cars and motorcycles the size of ants down below, different yet beautiful shades of colours showing the merging of sea and the beach, the waves, the horizon, and if lucky...the sunset/sunrise.

The main reason I like all those things is because it always reminds me of our Creator. The complexity of it all just shows how little and helpless we are without Him. How shadows are cast? How clouds can bear water and release it as raindrops? Why is it released in raindrops and why not like the waterfall? How is snow formed? It boggles your mind just thinking about it. But that's how Allah makes it work. It's amazing. A constant reminder if we truly look. Alhamdulillah~

It's amazing to see all the clouds are gathering themselves to cover the land, give shade for the humans from the scorching heat of the sun. And yet we still complain coz there's no wind. Tsk3~ Humans...
(gmbr xlawa, kamera xbawak, pikasa xmau bukak)


I was having a tough day and the day just got worse and worse by the minute. I found out that once again, I'm the only Malaysian in my group this semester. Plus I've been grouped with the person that most of us 'despise'.  I'm the only one in group B in this house. Yes, what are the odds of being the sole 'survivor' in group B? 1 out of 14! And I'm the one! (Yeah, it's no big deal.) I should be proud to be the selected one. The SPECIAL one. But being the only one in everything just made me sad. Haip! Be strong Asyiqin! Yosh!

And then, another thing happened...my lotion spilled out of its bottle into my bag. My pencil case, book, purse all covered in lotion. And I blurted out an almost-scream...."Oh nooooo!!!" And then I realized, 'oh Asyiqin how ungrateful you are as a human. This is how Allah wants it to be. Accept it and deal with it', I said to myself. I'm so glad the only words I uttered was 'oh no' and nothing else. I so regret the feeling I had this morning, this afternoon, this evening. Oh Asyiqin. Bad girl!


Yeah, I'm not done yet. People say, don't compare your life with others because you don't know what they've been through in their journey of life. And I agree, but it's very hard to do. It's true that maybe in some ways other people's life seems much better than the one you're having, but we don't really know the absolute truth. Do they display happiness and 'prosperity' to others sincerely? Or are they faking it? Are the smiles and laughters real? We can't know for sure unless we're that people. Even if all those laughters, happiness, 'prosperity', smiles and everything good are real as they can be, they are also human...they can't run from making mistakes. Maybe we just can't see all the unhappiness, sadness, frowns and 'poverty' because we are 'forced' to see all the things we don't have (the positives). As if we're the only one suffering and nobody else in this world will ever go through it. You want what they have. As if it's a race to please yourself. But know dear self, the only one we should be racing for is Him.

Everything happens for a reason. I believe that. Like that incident where my lotion spilled all over my bag, well...I found out later on while washing the bag that it has a hole. Maybe it happened because I need to sew the hole and that would probably save a lot of my time blabbering about how stuff in my bag go missing. Hurm~ Maybe... And I sincerely believe that what happened in the past is for the better of our future.

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