Sunday, 25 March 2012



Stargazing has always been my hobby. Moon gazing too. But not sun gazing, I'd be blind by now, ahaha. So, yesterday, I went to Kuningan and only went back after maghrib. And the sky was dark by the time I reached my neighbourhood. I had to walked a few hundred meters before making it to the house. I looked up at the black sky and searched for the stars. It took me a few second to actually see them. One after another, appeared out of nowhere. It's like they are visible only to those who look for them. If that's the case, I'd be super grateful that oh-so-many stars in the sky appear just for me (the person who looked for them).

During my school days at TGB, I looked at the sky almost every night. On my way to class, there's this open space with no roof on top that I had to pass through. That was the place where I had the chance to star-gaze while speed walking to class. Among sweet memories I had in TGB, stargazing was one of them. Sweet memories I made with myself. The time I felt calm, happy, carefree, etc. Imagining how vast the world beyond Earth is.

This past few days, again, I had the chance to see the night sky. And luckily there's very little clouds, so I could see a wider view of the sky. Meaning more stars! And the night I came back from Kuningan, I saw the Big Dipper! That was my first time spotting a constellation after years of stargazing. Yeah, I'm not really an astrology freak, so I don't know much about constellations. Maybe I've been staring at it my whole life, but I just didn't notice it. Who knows~ But I'm very sure it was the Big Dipper. Seriously, I love looking at the moon, the stars, all the beautiful creations of His. Alhamdulillah~ =)

I saw this!! XD

One day, if possible, I want to see aurora borealis. I wish.

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