Saturday, 21 April 2012

Golden Time!


I'm here in my classroom. Waiting for the lecturer to arrive. The class should have started an hour and five minutes ago. Time. is gold. I was thinking to myself, what if we can take time with our hands and accumulate all the time we have to use it on another day, that would be wonderful. Like people who work, they have annual leave. More or less a fortnight per annum. (correct me if I'm wrong, I xkeje xtau pape). They can use the annual leave anytime they want but only within the year. So, people who haven't used their annual leave, they can use it all on one go and have a long leave before the year ends. Like a 2-week leave! Huaaa...syok! (Asyiqin main hentam je ni, ntah btul ntah tidak agaknye)

So, like what I was thinking just now. What if...for example, we have nothing to do for the rest of the day, too bored to do anything but it's still 12 o'clock. The sun is still high above our heads. You only think of sleeping but you can't...unless the sky is dark. So, 7 hours of not knowing what to do. Excluding the things a muslim has to do in those hours. 7 hours of wasting time. If you can take that time and put it in a jar. Like collecting coins. But instead of coins, we collect time. Only to use it upon emergencies. Like during exam week. 24 hours seems like 24 minutes. Never seem to have enough time to study. What if we can topup the hours in a day using the time we've collected? I wonder how that goes.

But, this is totally absurd. That is totally impossible. Time and tide waits for no man. No one is powerful enough to stop time. Nobody in this world is capable of doing such a thing. Nobody!

Time flies. And those who won't fly away together with time, stay in the past and are at lost.

"We still have time". The same thing we tell ourselves over and over again. But is it true?

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