Monday, 9 April 2012

My twin sister...


Not too long ago, someone once told me that he recognized me from afar just by looking at the way I walk. Since then, I kept on I really have my own style of walking? Talking? Laughing? Looking? etc. I really want to know how I've been presenting myself in front of people. I want to look at myself. I need somebody who is exactly like me to see all those with my own two myopic eyes. Like inspecting without 'me' noticing. I can't look at mirrors because I won't act naturally that way.

I've pictured myself with a twin sister before. The exact copy of myself. Almost like a clone. Who eats, sleeps, laughs, talks, walks and does everything else like I do. But we all know twins aren't exactly similar in every way. Yes, they may look alike, or have the same height, or have the same shoe size, or the same length of hair, or maybe have the same way of thinking...but I'm sure they don't talk or laugh or look at people the same way. People who are close to twins (identical) can differentiate between the two just by looking at minor details. Their different hair style maybe, scar, moles, smile, emotions, etc. (I don't know what these last two sentences are for, bear with me.)

A twin sister. Hurm, I wonder~ I'm very sure this is the influence of that Thai horror movie 'Alone'. But I don't want to be the one who died, strangled by her Siamese twin sister. Nor the one who strangled the twin sister. Hurm~ Ok, so weird.  And I'm pretty sure Tia and Tamera has something to do with this. Aiyoo~

I just want to look at myself the way other people look at me (if they ever). See what I do wrong, what I should change, what I should do, what I shouldn't do. But I know that's impossible (to have a twin sister). It's hard to realize you're doing something wrong/right when you're the one doing it.

So, there. That's what I've been thinking about for the past few days. Aside from the other important things I should be thinking. Haaaahh...*pusing, pening, dizzy, vertigo*

I know I should care more about how I present myself to Him. Think more about that Asyiqin! Tsk3~

*Lega sudah. Rase macam terangkat la sikit beban di bahu. hoho...

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