Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I left my phone in Langkawi...GREAT!

This is the first time that I "lost" my phone (I lost 2 laptops before...people like to steal my stuff, I don't know why!). I didn't really lose it if the person who found my phone will return it back to me, right? (avoiding being guilty) My family and I went to Langkawi about 4 days ago to have a quality time together on the last day, we went went to a fancy restaurant near the Underwater World. We ate and ate and maybe absentmindedly I took out my phone(Sony Ericsson W910i) from a pocket and put it on the usual we talked a lot and I may have forgotten about my phone at this time. So when we were leaving the restaurant, I honestly thought I had the phone in my pocket...but I only realize that I lost my phone when we were about to board the plane...Just minutes before boarding, my sister called my phone to locate where exactly my phone was. And a guy picked up the phone, one of the workers at the restaurant. Now, he said he want to post it back to me! *HAPPY*

I'll just have to patiently wait for my phone to come thorugh the mail...

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