Thursday, 23 July 2009

Maybe I'm not that patient....

People always say doctors are supposed to be patient, caring and heartwarming...and sometimes I think so too. I possess some quality as a doctor but... It's just that I don't think that I'm patient enough to be a doctor...It has been bothering me ever since I decided on becoming one. Maybe it could be nurtured but is it 100% possible??? hmm...maybe, maybe not! Who knows?

Here's are some proofs that show how impatient I could be...

1. I can't stand when the Internet is slow~ I'd go crazy! *I wish I'm in Korea!*
2. I hate queueing...I would think of some ways to cut queues but I rarely get the chance to.
3. I can't sit for too long...even my body can't handle stillness especially during long hours of exams~ every body cells just go crazy and ended up hurting me! ARGH!! I hate exams! *somehow I don't see the relations but it's not a felony just stating that out, right?? haha*
4. I don't particularly enjoy waiting for the elevators.

Hmm...I really have to brush up my skills! MUAHAHAHA!!!!

Listening to: These Four Walls by Miley Cyrus


faizfaizah said...

sabar ye cik doctor.
nnt cik engineer cpta alat y xpyh tggu ape2 lgi. hehhehehe...

AKIQIN said... cik engineer!
cik doctor ni akan tunggu dgn sbrnye...ahahaha