Wednesday, 8 July 2009


At last, my phone has arrived from Langkawi after centuries of waiting haha... It's external condition is pretty much the same despite being flown from Langkawi in an ordinary envelope... Yes, I'm not kidding. The guy sent it through the old fashion way. No wraps, no polystyrene(ahaha) protecting the phone from the outside world. Just plain old phone in a thin brown envelope. I'm not saying that I'm not thankful for the arrival of the phone. It's just's common human courtesy for one to really take good care of something especially others'. I was hoping for the guy to wrap that phone using something like a paper to at least lessen the impact from crashing into other things or maybe hitting the ground, etc. I never expect people in the 'mailing' business to managed them gracefully. I've seen movies where they even throw boxes fully covered with Fragile signs. Let alone one insignificant brown envelope...hmmm...I should never expect people to act like how I would.

*In this entry, I may sound ungrateful but I assure you that I have no such feelings. I'm thankful for that man's's just that I'm a tad disappointed coz the screen of my phone cracked even more when it arrived*

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Cik Bal said...

wah kire baik r org 2 nk tlg poskan kan.. :))

AKIQIN said...

ala're making me look bad!
hhuhuhu...I'm very grateful for what he fact I'm thinking of rewarding him...muahahaha