Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My New Routine..


Since I've been following my dad to work, I had to change my daily routine as there was nothing much to do during that particular period at his office. Luckily there's a television with Astro... But unfortunately, since it's located in an office building, there weren't that many channels to choose from. Basically there's channel 701(AXN), 702(Hallmark), 703(Asian Food Channel), 705(, 707(Travel & Living), 708(8tv) and 303(KBS World). These are the only channels that I can consider watching...the others..hmmm...they're either incomprehensible or just plain boring to me...

My daily Routine
8.45-9.00 : Arrive at my dad's office

9.00-9.30 : Breakfast

9.30-11.00 : Read newspaper (sometimes I read all but most of the times I just scanned through the headlines..hahaha)

11-12.30 : Nap time! Nothing interesting to watch or do...btw I sleep at 2 or 3 o'clock every night. So that's one way to pay the debt...ahahah

12.30-2.00 : Watch korean drama on 8tv..Solat Zohor

2.00-3.00 : Watch The Biggest Loser on Hallmark Channel

3.00-4.00 : Watch Ying Ye 3+1 (aka My Best Pals) on 8tv

4.00-6.00 : Watch ER..or whatever that's interesting enough that catches my attention. In between, I perform my Asar prayer...

What a bore....


faiQahar said...

iQin..atleast ade benda nk buat..
dari kite yang sangat xtahu nak buat ape..haha.. =p

ingatkan pegi office sbb kene buat kerja ala2 'secretary'..ngee~

AKIQIN said... dad dh ade secretary sendiri la...lgpon aku mane la tau bab2 management ni...adoi! seriusly Faiqah, kalo ko ikut aku pegi sane...mmg dead boring! SGT AMAT BOSAN!!!