Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Ade berjute, tapi satu pon xjumpe...


I hope no one made crazy presumptions about the title of this post. nk buat gimik. I'm actually talking about shoes. I've loved shoes all my life. And I don't think I'll ever stop thinking about shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes... Ahhhh I sooooo love them! When I walk, I always keep my head down. So, I look at shoes more often than I look at people's faces. That's a joke. Please laugh. Ahaha! Gelak sendiri, ntah pape je! Hmmmm, knpe la Asyiqin ni tibe2 ckp pasal kasut ni? There's a reason behind that. It is because I saw a pretty cute, I-know-I-will-absolutely-buy pair of shoes at the musholla this afternoon. White with a little touch of light blue. *just like mine but a bit cuter. Gah!*

Hmmm, rase cm nk cite je cmne saye dpt kasut saye skrg ni. Here goes. My family were planning to go on a trip to "somewhere" and it was no typical trip. It was one of those where all the family members joined. Due to different schedules, it was not an easy task to gather and drag us all on a picnic or anything of that sort. Hmmm, after I came back from Jakarta. I didn't hesitate at all and just started packing and packing. But I forgot something important. I didn't have the shoes for all the walking and travelling. My parents and I went shoe-hunting, went in numerous stores and still couldn't find a pair that I like. I almost gave up. My parents gave up long before we went in the third store. Adohai, sabar je la~ I didn't want to take a pair just for the sake of that trip. Because I would wear them for a long time. So, I wanted to like them first. I've always known to be the one that won't wear or put on something I don't like. My mom says that to me all the time. She doesn't want to choose/buy anything for me cause she knows me too well to not like the things she picks. Ahahah~ Taste org tue xsame ngan org mude. :p

Aih, dh melalut. Ok back to the tragic story. Tragic la sgt! Anyway, I searched for the one that would catch my eyes the moment I see it. There was one, at the bottom of the shelf, hidden, only visible to those who actually look. And luckily I looked. It was almost closing time, and my parents and I were tired from all the walking and browsing and searching. So, I decided to just settle with that pair. I had a few in mind though all through the searching and browsing and looking around.

This is what I had in mind. Something girly-like. Not too bulky. SIMPLE.

Oh3, I've been eying a few Skechers shoes too. What do you call those eh? Sandals? Ahh, xtau la. I'll just call them shoes. senang cite. :D Cam nk promote la plak. hikhik...saye cop dulu, korg jgn bli! hehehe...just kidding~
This one is called Klementine. They come in different colours.
Them being black, white, pink, yellow, etc.


Jubilee: Oh Snap!
*ni name kasut tu, bukan monolog ye~*

Knpe susah nk cari kasut Nike perempuan cmni eh? Cais!

Erm, dh byk ckp pasal kasut je. I think I better stop. Ok, tu je nk cakap. Buyyyyy. Salam~


Ahaa!!! I found the name of the shoes. The pair that looked a bit like mine. It's called Nike Air Zoom Mystify IV.

Ni kasut tennis.

I found a pair of shoes on the internet that I really really really like but I guess I'm too late to realize about it. Before this, byk btul kasut2 ni saye nmpk di kedai Nike waktu die famous dulu but saye seakan2 xperasan lgsg akan kewujudan die. Skrg, dh xjumpe lgsg. Mungkin dh xdikeluarkan lg dh kot. huhuhuhuh...mane saye nk cari kasut tu now ?? T,T *sedey yg amat!*

Sape2 yang jumpe kasut ni, sile inform saye ok~ I want these shoes...badly!


jiran bilik putih said...

nak nak nak !!!! xD

Asyiqin said...

cantik kan kasut2 tu, jiran? hikhik