Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ping Ping Ping~


Tajuk post ini has nothing to do with what I'm going to write. Ok, like I said before, my obsession with korean stuff has resurfaced and beginning to take over my mind and body. *really?* Hmm, what I mean is that everything that has to do with korea, I'll instantly turn gaga and obsess over it. Tipu3! Saye xobses sangat pon. Cumenye saye suke je~ Heeee! And now I feel like wantin
g an instant camera. You know, the one that prints out pictures the second you take one. Ahaaa!! I want a camera like that. Why suddenly? Because I watched those korean dramas *You're Beautiful to be exact* and reality TV shows *esp We Got Married*, and they were using this very cute instant camera and instant pictures being developed *btul ke penggunaan word ni? hmmm~*.

Another factor that contributes to this obsession of mine is when I found my very old camera that uses negatives. I like those kinds of photos. The ones you can hold, admire and write or scribble on. Or maybe tear it into pieces. Hehehe...nonono. Just kidding. A picture is worth a thousand words. Whatever those words may be, it means something, the picture. If it's bitter or sweet memories, we should always cherish them. Those memories la yang kite nk ingat balik bile dh tue2 nnti. Eceyy~ Percaye la ckp Asyiqin yang memang pelupe ni. I only wish I could remember all those sweet memories during my school years, childhood. Haaaa...rindu. If only I have pictures to help me recall those memories. So, memandangkan saye malas nk pegi kedai utk develop film tu, ape kate bli camera yang boleh instantly kuarkan gmbr. Ahhaaa!

Hah! Asyiqin dh mengarut pasal pictures plak. Ok, back to the topic. Nowadays, people only need to save the pictures they've taken into their laptop, thousands and thousands of them. Well, best sebenarnye ade gmbr banyak2. But kalo kite ade limited picture to take, for sure kite nk amek yang meaningful je kan? Haaa, kan best cmtu. Xde la kite tgkp gmbr mengarut2, org korek hidung la, org makan tepi jalan makan bakso malang, gmbr rumput, gmbr tiang lampu, etc. Actually for pros, those little things means everything to them, but who am I to compare to those pros? I'm just a normal girl wanting an instant camera that I, myself know nothing about. I'm lower than beginner. Ahaha. I just want to capture meaningful pictures that the older, kereput me would cry when looking at them, and want to explain everything about every single pic to my grandchildren and children. Amboih, jauhnye Asyiqin~

So, which camera have I set my eyes on? Knowing my character, of course la the cute one! Ahaha!! Fujifilm Instax Mini 25. This camera lebih automatic berbanding Instax Mini 7S *yg Alma pny tu!*. I actually like Instax Mini 7S because lebih manual, I want to play with the settings. But I don't want to pick the same camera as Alma. Booo!!! Alma xcomel! *tapi kamera Alma comel, huhu* But since I'm not even a beginner in this photography world, I think auto seems better for me. I want the manual! Huhuhu. So, here are some photos that I found in the internet. :P

Kyaaaa! Look how cute it is. I like the colour. Very3 much.

This here is a custom zipper instax mini 25 camera case.
Neomu gwiyeobda! Jeongmal!

Instax Mini 25 vs Instax Mini 7S. Hmm~

So, there you go! Punye panjang entry nk ckp pasal kemahuan saye akan camera instant ni je. Adeh~ Pape pon, saye blum survey harge pon. Ntah2 mahal gile smpi terkopak purse saye. Kuikuikui... Org berjimat sebab hal yang lebih penting, tapi saye plak nk berjimat sebab camera ni, sgt xpatut. Ish3. *geleng kepale*


alma-chan ♥ said...

actually aku pun ske yg 25 tu,tp aku cari2 kat kedai xde..
dan aku ske gak yg 7s tu..but as u said, die auto..hehe :)
all the best k..

Asyiqin said...

hmmm...nmpknye sedikit susah nk cari kat sini sbb instant kamera kat sini xfemes. huhuhu. nmpknye kne survey yg online pny, or maybe balik malaysia nnti kot. adeh~ harap2 ade la yg 25 tu. :p thanks alma. kalo nk support 50% pon bleh gak. hikhikhik~