Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Eeeeeppp!! Stickers~


Aha! Jajang....Presenting Asyiqin the gedik~ Now, I'm even gediker. Wanna know why? Because somehow, I don't know why, out of the femininity surfaces. Ahaha...what does that have to do with stickers? I have no idea. Meeeerong! Let me be! It's my blog, I can say anything! *well, actually, I can't. Xpasal2 kne saman plak. Teehee~*

Hmmm...I want to show whoever is reading this...something. What I've become. From the rocker chick the graceful, down-to-earth, soft-spoken Asyiqin. *biar!* Okay2, I'm just joking around. Nononono...I'm still the same. Makin comel je~ Kuang3.

Ni keyboard laptop saye. Before...

After~ Ni setelah dilekatkan dengan stickers!

Comel kan? Comel kan? Comel kan?! Tgk3, ade hangul alphabets (huruf korea) plak tu~ hikhikhik...I'm overly excited right now. Ahaaa...and I bought a new pencil case since I left the one with all my stationery at home. *Haish, kicap cap kipas pon lupe. Sume bnde2 penting jugak yang tinggal kat rumah. Adehhhh =.=' * Pencil case pon warne perempuan. Someone once told me to buy/wear things other than black. Yes, I know. I'm too dull. Black, black, xde warne lain je. Kan dh kuar kefemininanku~ Abes sume nk pink. :p Qila yg pengaruh~

Ni plak. My new pencil case. Kecik je sebab stationery pon xde sgt. :'(

Oh, skrg juge kegilaan saye terhadap korea dh resurface. Lame die menghilang kerane disappointment yang disebabkan oleh abg sy. Long story, mls nk cite. :P

*Ape yg sy buat pagi2 bute ni? Huaaa! I want to sleep!! Dah, itu sj~


faizfaizah said...

oit.. pink kemain :P

Asyiqin said...

Hikhik...jahhhhh!!! feminin kan aku? weeee~

hani idzaida said...

hahaha eqin dah terpengaruh dengan QILA! :p

Asyiqin said...

hmmm..tu la pslnye. abes la~
xleh slalu sgt ngan qila la cmni.
hihihii :P