Saturday, 8 January 2011



Tulis, padam, tulis, padam. That's what I've been doing. I want to write something, plenty of things actually but I guess I think too much that eventually couldn't even complete a sentence. I thought of what people might think, that maybe I might regret writing those things that I wanted to tell everyone. I put on so much thought on every single sentence. Searching for the right words. Even the right words may hurt people without me knowing. I fear that the most. I know that when I'm actually talking to a person, my brain couldn't really process the way it's supposed to and somehow I blurt out things that I know would hurt them. And when that happens, I couldn't say that one word, "sorry". Apparently, sorry really seems to be the hardest word.

I have soooooo many things to say, but I can't write them. I just can't.

Aha...Dah jumpe satu lagi hobby saye. Or mungkin habit saye. Memendam rase.
Hmmmmm, self-discovery. Interesting~


abbad said...

just find a friend that really understand u so even if sumtimes you say the word that you are not suppose to say, she or he will understand that you dont mean that.

and u have to sorry if u hurt someone
try to make it simple.

btw kos, miss ya :)

Asyiqin said...

thank you abbad! that soothes me, your advice. Heeee :D

I miss you guys too...sedih sekali balik aritu xdpt jumpe classmates sume. huhuhu