Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Cmne saye bleh termasuk dlm phase tension dgn senangnye?


Hmmm...the title tells very little. This is the story behind it.

Ok, we've already begun a new block for semester 2. And for physiology, we got Dr M**** as our lecturer. Try to understand here. Physiology = needs a lot to understand. Notes from the lecturer *verbally*. Reference books *I have that*. The point here is that "I" need a little bit of comprehension of the basics of physiology of whatever that we were/are learning to deeply/fully/completely understand the process or the mechanisms or how something works normally. When I don't get the basics, therefore it'll be much much harder to understand the details.

See..I'm not the kind to get stressed out by these small things. *ok, I'll explain later about this small thing* . I know very well that a lot of us didn't really pay attention during that lecturer's classes. They talked. They FBed. They play2 *ahaha*. They weren't at all paying any attention to what the doctor was explaining. Even the people in the first row couldn't hear. I'm not saying that the lecturer is bad at explaining but it was as if she was talking to the walls. Or maybe to a tree *not that there's any in the class*. I'm sorry doc if I disrespected you. I did not mean to. I did not mean to talk while you were talking in front of the class. I did not mean to blabber/babble about so many things during your class.

Oh, the small thing I was talking about was unintentionally mentioned in the previous paragraph. About how small her voice was. Or maybe how fast she talk. Or how she could possibly made her voice unclear to human beings while holding the microphone to her mouth. How she could make people think about "ice cream" when actually she said "liquor cerebrospinalis". *I made that up~ She did not made me think of ice cream*. I tried very hard. And even harder when I couldn't decipher the words coming out of her mouth. I know I'm part alien. But those words were not from alien language. Maybe some other species from Neptune. I don't know. The point is I don't understand you! Plizzzzzz speak in human languages!

Anak sape la ni? *Gambar hiasan*

Huiyyooo...jambul atas kepale~ Rambut lain bleh tarik...jambul jgn kaco!

Not understanding her was the main reason I entered the stressed out mode. I nearly got a headache. And I was not in the best mood. Felt like screaming. And I did. *Tipu! Xjerit pon. Marah skit je.* Sorry la kepada Asydad sebab dimarahi oleh saye yang bad mood time tu. I didn't mean to. Seriously! Cube bygkan...kaum mereka sendiri pon xphm ape yg member kaum mereka berkate2, cmne la nk expect kitorg dr dunia lain utk paham bahase mereka yang tidak dipahami oleh golongan mereka sendiri? *Paham x?*


Nak ponteng...nnti rase bersalah plak. Nak duk dlm hall tu, nnti tension plak.
Due2 xleh! Cmne ni?


Anonymous said...

You must form a three-people study group to review lectures and try to share those little things each of you captured. Really, what you need is the key topics/words that need to be further refered to the Buku Rujukan or similar.
My 2 cents worth...

AKIQIN said...

Will do. setakat ni mmg kitorg buat study group sesame roommates~
Hihihihi...lgpon orang mmg dh take it easy pon. Kalo orang x, maka jadi gile la saye~