Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The worst two weeks of my life...(for now)


Dear Diary,

Today I feel like expressing what I've been feeling for the past two weeks. Oh you have no idea how much I suffered. It's like stranded in an island and you couldn't reach anybody to seek help from. No internet = no life. *I admit I depend too much on it. Not good for the soul*.

You should have been there when I was down, diary. Why weren't you there for me? Haaa...

Holidays should be fun but I felt otherwise. Fun was not an option when IT's not there.

All I had were books. And I couldn't open them as my mind would go blank and can't function properly enough to read. Haaa...I'm hopeless.

I didn't get enough sleep ( I didn't sleep at all actually) yesterday coz I couldn't finish doing my report on time, thanks to the infamous internet~

You made me look so helpless la internet.

That's all for now, diary. I got to go to sleep or my brain won't function.

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