Saturday, 3 January 2009

Believe Me When I Tell You...

Yes I'm certainly won't be coming here (mamak stall) next time...I am telling you guys the truth about those oily and greasy food they're serving customers...I just can't stand looking at the oils overflowing(I'm exaggerating) in my plate...eeww!!!My hands got all greasy and red...If you don't believe me...take a look at the pic's oily right!
Okay2...I admit!I'm a sloppy eater but why wouldn't I?The oil is just pissing me off!That's why I kinda just playing around with the food...haha...n you know what?It cost me a lot to eat that plate of oil!haha..

1 comment:

Izyan de' Nerd said...

laaa... sapa suruh makan kedai mamak.. of cos that's what you get. Pegi la restoran mewah (as if u have the money for that... muahahahaha)

my point: takyah picky sgt.