Friday, 2 January 2009

Normality Is All I'm Asking For

"What should I do today???"...I think this is the most frequent question I've asked myself this week...and the same answers would popped out of my head..."I don't know", "I have no idea", "Maybe shopping but not by myself!",etc. Being alone in a house really isn't that much fun like most people think so. My friends constantly saying "you have the house to yourself!"...well..guess what guys??I don't want the house to myself!It's boring and I'm closer to being mad every minute of the day...arghhh!!!I've run out of food to eat and I don't want to eat bread n jam everyday...I'm sick and tired of them already!And mamak stall hasn't helped much either...with their oily food...oh no!I'm not eating those greasy food ever again!

Oh my dear housemates and friends...when are you guys coming back???I miss you guys sooo much!!!!You guys are my source of joy and happiness.Mom, Dad!!!I want to go back home!I want to eat scrumptious meals...breakfast,brunch,lunch,dinner and even supper!I want Astro!I want uTorrent!I want everything back to normal...

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