Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New Shoes!!!! last...I bought a new pair of shoes (pape je ah name die) after I lost my previous pair last month. hahaha...I'm so proud of myself!!!I went shopping with my friends at Sunway Pyramid, and at the end of the day I only managed to buy that pair of shoes and a hand sanitizer.haha...while my friends have enough time to buy lots of things (more than one thing la!).They bought jeans and tops and shoes and the list goes on...Actually I had exceeded my budget for that day and I had to keep myself away the other stores(PADINI concept store,Vincci...) so that I would not buy other 'unnecessary' things.I was supposed to save about RM1,300 for my future iPod Touch but now I only have RM800 in my account.huhuhuhu....

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Izyan de' Nerd said...

banyak duit!!

My birthday is on the 12 of march. Alamat rumah: 12 carbry road, newsctle galway ireland.silalah hantar hadiah yg mahal2 sikit.

Sekian, terima kasih.