Saturday, 17 January 2009

No Smoking Please!!!

I now officially hate smokers! Last night my friend (Fatin) and I agreed to go to the mamak stall (the one with the oily food) just for the sake of surfing the internet (that's the nearest place to get wireless network!). But we actually got more than we asked for or should I say...I got more than I asked for!I got a cold and a sore throat which were irritating and bothersome.They took the life out of me. Well, the story goes like this...

That night, Fatin and I reached the mamak stall a bit late…about 9++pm. So it was packed with human staring at their laptop screens. And all the sockets were taken. So we had to wait for somebody to finish his/her dinner before we were able to switch on our computers (we forgot to charge the batteries…hahaha). It wasn’t long before the person sitting next to one of the sockets left the restaurant and gave us the chance to at least sit. Without me noticing, there were two guys sitting next to us. They were smoking! At first I thought I could handle it by holding my breath but clearly it didn’t work. I had to take in some air once in a while. And at that moment, the smoke coming from the cigarettes went right into my lungs and burnt everything along its way. It was excruciating! Due to prolonged exposure to the smoke, my nose and throat became itchy and painful.

I tried lessening the pain by drinking some water but my attempt was to no avail. The pain was still there! I cannot understand how smokers could bear the painful “sensation”. I just don’t understand! I hate cigarette as well as those related to it.

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