Monday, 19 January 2009

The Scorching Heat Of The Morning Sun

Sunbathing Session!!!!

Haha...I know I know...Supposedly the morning sun is pleasant and nice and good for skin and all...but for me it's just unbearable! Every time the sunlight hits my skin...I feel as if I've caught on fire! And the most sensitive part would be my face. After "sunbathing" for a while under the scorching heat of the face would get all red and itchy. I know there is a product called "sunscreen" but I hate wearing it. It would be the same like me sunbathing on the beach. That particular stuff would irritate my skin and it's useless! I don't have any other solutions except avoiding direct exposure of the sunlight. Argh!

That's the reason why I hate sitting on the window side of a vehicle...

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