Friday, 19 February 2010


At last!!!! The end of the first semester! I'm so so so so so so so happy. I got so much energy earlier this day that I couldn't stop running here and there like a little girl. *Now I feel inappropriate!* Actually I had my reasons to why I ran up and down the stairs. I got so much stuff to settle today that I won't have enough time to do all of those things today if I didn't run *saves time*. Plus, I should workout once in a while. Dah lame xberolahrage. Best gak naik turun tangge cm orang gile tadi...ahaha~

Haaa...I only ate a few bananas...fried ones, some jelly-o and a few spoons of bubur jagung. I want to eat more but I couldn't. I want Pecel ayam but I can't eat anything anymore. Recently, my tummy has been causing problems and kept on growling like I didn't give it anything to digest. Nak gastrik la tu! Gedik sungguh! Saye minum susu tiap2 hari pon nk buat hal jugak? Nak kene ni!

Cite lain plak, saye mau ke Bandung ngan Alma and ramai lagi. Wow! Xsabarnye saye nak jalan2 ngan kawan2. Dlu pegi ngan family best. I bet this time will be even better! I want to use my dusty old camera to capture pictures of tomorrow! Ngah3...ntah pape je~

So many things to do, so little time. Big dine-out with floormate. *Nak makan pizza!*

Okay la...nk kuar pegi Podomoro utk kuarkan duit tambahan. Then, kne packing barang. See you guys yang pegi Bandung kt stesen esok!!! Alma and I will be there~


Abah said...

Enjoy urself dearest.

AKIQIN said...

I did enjoy myself~
Best2...nak pegi lg!!!