Friday, 12 February 2010

I was the fool who became famous for all the wrong reasons...


Ahhh...I'm soooo embarrassed!!!

I tripped over a stool in the lab just now.

And as the lab was soooo quiet, the stool toppling onto the floor became extraordinarily loud.

Everyone who was engrossed drawing and colouring their versions of 48-hour and 72-hour old chicks looked at me at the same time, wondering what had happened.

I was at the time crouching so that nobody could see me making a fool out of myself.

Unfortunately, some of them saw me "kicked" the stool that was obstructing my way to somone.

My groupmates thought it was funny and cute... I think otherwise.

Huuuhhhh...what a day.

Sorry, no pics today~


abbad said...

its normal actly
nanti lama2 org lupa la :P

AKIQIN said...

Abbad: I hope so! Well, on the bright side...people recognize my face now~