Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Late Nights~


Dear diary,

I just want to say that I'm so tired right now. I wish you're a human that has feelings like I do. I hope you understand how I truly feel at the moment. Oh diary, why can't you transform into something more huggable. I can't hug my laptop...too weird! Please turn into a human. I beg of you~

I happened to have my last PBL session for the semester but I was so lost that I felt like I'm not even there. Slowly, I began to slip into slumberland. Yawning away...and as I was too bored sitting there listening to voices that I didn't intend on hearing...I counted all those yawns. There were 13. I'm pretty sure it's 13 unless I missed any. I wished "you" were there to see how tired I was. I couldn't hold on any longer. I wished you were there to slap me in the face and wake me up from that dream. How unlucky I was that you're not even human.

Ish2...tutup mulut tu cik kak oi~

Suddenly a sharp pain coming from my stomach. It was like needles "poking" (can't find the right word) me in the stomach. Painful but not deadly. I was forced to endure the pain until it was time for me to present my materials which was *thankfully* not too long after the stomachache. It's not like I needed to go to the toilet *if you know what I mean*. It was only pain. Nothing else. Maybe this was because I didn't eat enough the night before. Haaa...let it be then.

After the pain went away, I continued to enjoy myself in my own world. Shutting down everything else around me. Blocking all those noises...

Then I thought, I'm too tired! I didn't get enough sleep the night before. I slept with my hands on the keyboard. I didn't finished my OHP slides that night and I even slept on it. Gosh, that's how tired I was.

I need to cut all those chatting sessions...put a limit to it especially when it's time for me to sleep. I welcome my friends hyes and hellos but not after 1 am please~ Hihihi...demanding tul!

Thanks diary for "listening" to my complaints...I appreciate that very much! MUAHH~


faiqah ar said...


wat more can i say..

AKIQIN said...

FaiQah: You can say, "Asyiqin, jgn tido lmbt2~ nnti otak jd bengong" :P